Did Oz Lottery hit the $80 million Jackpot this year?

OZ lottery winner

This year OZ lott jumped to a high of $80 million in June 2019 the third-highest offer in the game’s 25-year history. In March 2019, Oz Lotto hit $70 million, and on the day of the draw almost 3,000 tickets were sold in 60 seconds.

While no entry has managed to score division one during the past eight draws, 73 players across the country have been just one number off pocketing the top prize and instead landed a division two windfall. Since Oz Lotto started jackpotting at the end of April 2019, the 73 division had two winners who pocketed almost $2.5 million in prize money, but not the big one. The record for the biggest individual lottery winner was set in January this year when a Sydney mum won $107 million in Powerball.

$80 million Oz Lotto jackpot was shared by two winners.

OZ lottery

Oz Lotto is a game of chance where seven winning numbers and two supplementary numbers are selected from one lottery draw barrel of 45 numbers. It is one of the Lott’s jackpotting lottery games. If there are no division one winners in a draw, the prize pool jackpots higher in the next draw.

 It offers a guaranteed minimum division one prize pool of $2 million every Tuesday and has previously jackpotted as high as $100 million.

 There are seven prize divisions.  To win the biggest prize division (division one) the entry needs to match all seven winning numbers in a single game.

OZ lotto

If you wish to play OZ lotto you can buy your lotto ticket at any licensed lottery outlet, online from thelott.com or via the Lott mobile app.

To win the biggest prize division (division one) the entry needs to match all seven winning numbers in a single game. Players can also win a prize with as little as three winning numbers and one supplementary number.  If there are no division one prize winners, the prize pool jackpots to the next draw.

Payouts of OZ lotto

How to play OZ Lotto?

A single game of Oz Lotto requires you to choose 7 numbers from 1 to 45. Each Tuesday, 9 balls are drawn at random from 45 balls numbered 1 to 45. The first 7 balls are the winning numbers and the last 2 balls are the supplementary numbers. These supplementary numbers are used to determine prizes in Divisions 2, 4 and 7. Each standard game costs $2.30.

Prize structure of OZ lotto

When buying an Oz Lotto entry, players first choose the way they want to play:

  •  A QuickPick entry is the easiest, where the numbers are randomly generated by the lottery terminal.
  •  A marked entry lets players choose how many games and what numbers they would like to play.

Players can also choose how long they want to play for.  If they’re planning a holiday or won’t be able to make it to a store, players can purchase an entry into an Advance draw, or play an entry across multiple draws with a Multi-Week entry.

  • Online players can subscribe to automatically play in every draw or when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.
  • Once players have decided which way to play (QuickPick vs Marked entry), they can improve their chances of winning Oz Lotto with the below entry types.
  •  System entry allows players to pick more numbers from the barrel of 45. They can pick from 8 to 20 numbers, which gives players more chances to win multiple prize divisions.
  • A Pick entry guarantees players either one or two winning numbers.

 Players can also pool their money with others as part of a syndicate. Syndicate is where players play as a group to purchase bigger entries that provide more chances of winning.  When a syndicate wins, the prizes are shared among all syndicate members. Syndicates can be set up in-store or online using SyndiMate, the Lott’s syndicate planner.

Remember Oz Lotto draws close at 7:30pm AEST on the draw night, and the draw takes place shortly after.  The latest results for most of the games are generally available on the day of draw by 9:00pm (AEST). Dividends for each game are updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw.

Check your OZ lotto results

OZ lotteries check the result now

Oz Lotto’s winning numbers are usually available no later than 9:00pm (AEST) on the night of the draw via the Lott website. Tickets can be checked in-store, online or scanned using the Lott App.

In the 12 months to 30 June 2018, 74 million winners took home a total of $2.7 billion in prize money from their favourite games which include Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, Keno and Instant Scratch-Its.

A man from St Albans, in Melbourne’s west, won twice with a System 8 entry, taking home two-thirds of the $70million jackpot, or $46.6million.

In August last year, another $70million OzLotto jackpot was also won when a blue-collar worker from Lithgow, west of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, and a syndicate of six families from north-east Victoria each took home $35million.

One in five division one OzLotto prizes during the past three years were a system entry, where players can pick more numbers in each game panel.

In January 2016, an Australian lottery record was set at Hervey Bay, north of Brisbane, when local grandparents won a $70million Powerball first division prize.

That was surpassed in January 2019 when a Sydney woman won $107million on Powerball. A QuickPick, where the numbers are chosen randomly, have also proven to be popular among OzLotto winners, along with the 50-game QuickPick entry.

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