Genuine Reasons to Play Lottery Online

Genuine Reasons to Play Lottery Online in 2021

Last year saw the coronavirus pandemic in the world and business operations changed drastically. Every business turned to the online or internet and so did the lotteries in Australia. Many official lottery sites even now have their full-fledged Apps for mobiles and smartphones to play lotto games on the go and even check instant lotto results. Be it the famous Powerball lottery or Mega Millions or local lottery game or Set for Life of Saturday lotto, obviously, there are genuine reasons to turn to the internet and mobile gaming. Here are few such genuine reasons to play lottery online.

1. Avoid contact with people and tickets

Avoid contact with people

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is best to avoid contact with people and tickets. So better play the lottery online.

All Australians have to follow the advice provided by government and health officials, including that available from the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Health Alert. Lotto retailers are adhering to the advice given by government and health officials regarding social distancing and hygiene practices to protect customers, staff and members of the public. 

To help limit your interactions should you choose the lott have multi-week entry options available for most of their games, enabling you to purchase up to 10 weeks in advance (excluding Lucky Lotteries). You can also purchase entries into single draws in advance to not miss out on key events promoted from time to time.

Register yourself as a player at the online lottery sites like the Lott and you can unlock additional benefits in-store as well as online such as saving Favourite entries for future play and purchasing entries right up until draw close. You can also have prizes paid straight into your membership account and subscribe to your Favourite games ensuring you never miss a draw. 

2. You save time

saves time

Time is precious and going to the store to buy tickets or finding a nearest lotto store near you is time taking. You can play online lottery without leaving the comfort of your own home, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection to connect to Lottery website.  

So better play online and save your time.  Once you have an account at the lottery website online  it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to purchase a ticket in any of their lotteries game you wish to play.

Also you can save time looking for the results of the lotto games that you have played as your draw results will be sent to your inbox at once. Also if you win, the exact winning amount at online site you will get the amount to your lotto account at once as you already are a verified customer a their site.

So buy lottery tickets online, and even set and forget your purchases and play with the same numbers every week. Save time and purchase multiple draws in one transaction with ‘Multi-Draws’. You can select 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 draws at one time!  Multi-Draws are only available if you choose your own numbers. Once you select your numbers and payment has been processed, these numbers will be played for the allocated amount of draws you nominated.

3. Go for Subscriptions

The Lott- go for subscriptions

Subscriptions allow you to setup your favourite games to play automatically when and how you want – they are the easiest way of playing lotto online! It’s quick and easy to set up – simply select the option to subscribe when next buying your entry online.

Depending upon what game you’re playing, you can choose to Subscribe to every draw or whenever a jackpot reaches a certain amount. Also depending on what Subscription option you have selected, the entry you purchased when setting up your Subscription is played automatically into the next relevant draw based on your selection.

Subscription entries are paid from the available funds in your online account in the first instance, and then from your backup payment method should your account be running low – that way you always get your entry into the draw!

Lottery officials at online will  send you email notifications every step of the way to ensure you’re never left out of the loop, including if you’ve had a win! You can choose to pause or cancel your Subscriptions at any time, giving you complete control.

4. Play more lottery games

Lottery games

At online lottery sites you can play more of lottery games. That means you have a wide choice. Even some international websites of lotteries sell international lottery tickets that can be purchased online and you can play US powerball too.  Winning lottery has always been a dream for many Australians and a jackpot win could change your life forever. World trips, paying off your mortgage, that new car you have always dreamed of, it’s all possible when you play online lottery. 

When it comes to international lotteries, EuroMillions is by far one of the most popular in the world.  To date, the biggest jackpot prize was a mind-blowing AUD$290 million. With a minimum jackpot of over AUD$23 million, punters love to play this international lottery as well.

With so much of variety in games to choose online you can play to win from the draws of some of the most popular lotteries in the world. You’ll have the chance to win some of the biggest jackpots ever offered! 

5. You keep a check on your lottery spends

Lottery spends

Playing lotteries online help you keep a check on your  lottery spends. You come to know how much money you have spend on lotteries each month and how much you have lost and won.

What you can do is view your Ticket and Transaction History (including tickets purchased in-store if you have linked your Retail Membership to your online account), Cancel open tickets purchased online, Deposit funds, manage credit cards and withdraw prize winnings, Manage Subscriptions, Manage spend limits and exclusions. This gives you an idea on your budget and help you avoid going in debts simply by playing lotteries.

By knowing so many genuine reasons to play the lottery online, you certainly won’t mind picking your mobile or tablet, or pc to play the lotteries of your choice. After all, convenience is what matters.

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