How To Make A Deposit And Withdrawal At TAB Australia?

How to make a deposit and withdrawal at TAB

TAB offers various deposits and withdrawal options to bet on races and other sports.  TAB covers a wide variety of sports for its live betting section such as golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, volleyball, netball, baseball, and many others.

Deposits in TAB accounts can be done through MasterCard, VISA, BPAY, Skrill, Paypal, TAB retail outlets, and bank transfer, with a minimum deposit of $10. Withdrawal of funds from any Tab account can be done through Paypal, Skrill, BPAY, and electronic funds transfer.

How to make a deposit at TAB Australia?

Deposit and withdrawal at TAB
Deposit and withdrawal at TAB

You can choose a number of different ways to deposit funds into your online account. Cash deposits can be easily made online or at your local TAB Retail Venue in any TAB Agency, PubTAB or ClubTAB Venue in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT and TAS. 

Following are the deposit options for punters to make a deposit at TAB Australia:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card IVR (CCIVR)
  • TAB Retail Outlets
  • BPAY

1. Credit Card

If you opt to make a deposit with credit card then remember that TAB only accepts MasterCard and Visa. You must be logged in to your Account to use this feature. Depositing money is simple and convenient with a TAB account, to make a credit card deposit to your account:

  • All you need is to go to the Menu Navigation on the TAB site homepage.
  • Select My Account then Deposit button.
  • Select the Credit Card you wish to deposit from in Credit Card Number area (Note: you can also Add, Edit or Remove Credit Cards from options underneath this area)
  • Enter you Security Number or CVV number (usually found on back of credit card)
  • Type in the amount you want to deposit and press Deposit button.
  • If your deposit transaction has been successful, your credit card deposit will be available immediately and a Deposit Receipt will be shown, press OK to continue.
  • To access the Credit Card IVR service, simply call 1800 446 003 then supply your Account Number and PIN.
  • You can also make a Credit Card deposit via their automated telephone service by calling 1800 446 003 and following the prompts.
  • If you wish t o use Mastercard for depost then you need to enroll in the Master Card Secure Code Program otherwise you might experience problem in depositing.

This can be done as part of the Credit Card Deposit process on or by contacting your bank. Once you have enrolled in this program you should be able to perform deposits successfully. Enrollment in the program is not compulsory.

If you are still experiencing problems making a deposit online or you do not wish to enrol in MasterCard SecureCode™, then you can make deposits over the phone via our automated service by calling 1800 446 003 and following the prompts.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently changed its policy for credit card services. The CBA now classifies gambling transactions as ‘Cash Equivalents or Cash Substitutes’ which will result in the CBA charging you additional fees if you use your Commonwealth Bank credit card to make a deposit with the TAB.

The bank now charges the applicable cash advance fee of 1.50% of the amount of the transaction (up to $150) or a flat fee of $2.50 if your closing credit card balance on the previous business day was in credit. The bank will also charge interest on the amount, at the cash rate, from the date of the transaction.

Which Visa and Mastercards are not allowed at TAB deposits?

The following VISA and Mastercards are not allowed at TAB deposits:

  • Citibank
  • IMB
  • Suncorp
  • CUA
  • Virgin
  • HSBC

According to TAB other card providers may also prevent online transactions with TAB and they advise players to check with their card issuing financial institution.


TAB allows Paypal Deposits
TAB allows Paypal Deposits

PayPal deposits are a fast and easy way to add funds to your TAB online account. There is also the added benefit of using your Bank Account as the preferred payment method on your PayPal account, meaning you don’t need to use your Debit or Credit Cards for making deposits to your TAB online account. 

PayPal deposits will be made first from the PayPal balance, before using your preferred payment method (credit/debit card or bank account).

When you deposit with PayPal for the first time on the TAB Website or App, you will be redirected to PayPal to log in and confirm your deposit. If successful, your PayPal account will be linked to your TAB account and future deposits will not require you to login and confirm deposit through PayPal.If you get an error, follow the on-screen advice on how to resolve the issue

Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers an easy, secure and private way to pay using your iOS device into your TAB account without the need to use a physical card or cash. TAB only accepts MasterCard and Visa for Apple Pay Deposits.

Deposit at TAB Retail Outlets

Deposit at TAB retail outlets
Deposit at TAB retail outlets

Cash deposits can be made at any TAB Agency, PubTAB or ClubTAB Venue in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT and TAS. click here for locations. You need to note this facility is available to Australian Residents only.

BPAY Deposits

BPAY Deposits are available for Australian Residents. Funds can be transferred from your savings or cheque account directly to your account by BPAY. You are required to make a minimum deposit of AU$20.

Your BPAY Reference Number and the Biller Code for Tabcorp (1016) are printed on the back of your TAB Customer Account card for easy reference. Your BPAY Reference Number will also appear in the Deposit Funds section of your account on the BPAY screen.

If you do not have your TAB Customer Account card handy then you can find out your Reference Number by selecting Deposit then going to the BPAY tab through or TAB app. 

Deposits made to an account should be available within 1-3 days provided it’s a Banking Business Day and the payment is made before the cut-off time set by your financial institution.

How to make a withdrawal at TAB Australia?

TAB Winners
TAB Winners

There are 4 easy and convenient options available to enable you to withdraw funds and proceeds from your account.

  1. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  2. PayPal
  3. Cheque
  4. Tabcorp Retail Venues in NSW and Victoria

Note that Tabcorp and Australian merchants cannot credit winnings back to Credit Cards.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Players now have the ability to register their bank to withdraw funds to online

1. Log into TAB account then select: Menu > My Account > Withdraw

2. Enter bank details: BSB, Bank Account Number and Bank Account Name

3. Check all details entered, review and accept Terms and Conditions then press Submit

4. After bank details are registered, customer can withdraw funds

Customers can also call TAB Customer Service Number on 131802 and have their EFT details added to their accounts within minutes.
 You are only able to withdraw the amount of funds that have been turned over from wagering. Any funds that have not been turned over cannot be withdrawn.
 The Domestic EFT Withdrawal Files are run 5 times per day, 7 days per week. International EFT withdrawals are still processed manually at 12pm Monday to Friday.

TAB Account needs to be fully verified to be able to withdraw.


You can make a PayPal withdrawal from your TAB account via the TAB Website or App. Withdrawals can only be made to the PayPal account that was used to deposit funds. NB PayPal account must be in the registered TAB account holder’s name.


To arrange a cheque withdrawal from your Account you can call TAB Customer Service on 131 802. Please allow up to 5 working days to receive your cheque.

Tabcorp Retail Venues

Currently due to Coronavirus the temporary closure of some TAB venues, withdrawals through TAB venues will be unavailable.

Cash or cheque withdrawals can be made by Australian Residents at any Tabcorp Retail Agency or selected PubTAB and ClubTAB outlets in NSW or Victoria with your Tabcorp Customer Account card. 

To make a cash or cheque withdrawal it is necessary to present your Tabcorp Customer Account Card. You will receive your Customer Account Card (Australian Residents Only) by mail shortly after verifying your ID for more information or give Customer Service a call on 131 802.

Customers whose ID has been successfully verified can also present their TAB Digital Account Card which is accessible on the TAB App (iOS and Android) to make cash or cheque withdrawals.

Remember that cannot withdraw any deposits made by BPAY or EFT until the deposit amount has been turned over in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Note that transaction in your TAB accounts comes at no cost to you. Remember that for the deposits and withdrawals limits apply. Deposit limits are minimum $10 and a maximum of $3,000. Withdrawal limits are minimum $20 and a maximum of $1,000.

In case you have any issue on deposits and withdrawals you can contact TAB Customer Service on 131 802.

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