What To Do And Not To Do When Buying Lottery Tickets?

Buying Lottery tickets

Playing lotteries is great fun and excitement. But do you really know the right way of buying lottery tickets. Well, for those who are not interested in any wins but just play lottery for fun and time pass then no need to worry. But for those who are really crazy about lottery games and yearn to win at least one lottery in their life time that too a big won then there are the some of the biggest things to do and not to do when buying lottery tickets.

1. Buy less lottery tickets

Never tempt to do this. Yes this mistake is what the lottery buyers do who need to win the game. You have a notion that by buying one or two lotto tickets you would have your hands on Jackpot worth of millions. Obviously you can win if luck is at your side but to win regularly and win big, you need to take the game seriously. Forget about playing with just 3-5 tickets and aim for much more.  Buying in bulk also increases your probability to win the game.

2. You buy only to play popular lotto games

Many people out there buy lottery tickets of Mega Millions and Powerball. Understood it is a big game with big prize but there are other state lottery games that you can play. So instead of buying lottery tickets for star games you can choose to buy tickets for 2 or 3 state lottery games which also constitute huge jackpots to win.

 3. Play lottery online

Coming up of lottery websites  has made things easier for lottery players. You prefer to buy the lottery ticket online. Also at the time of coronavirus many states want people to buy lotteries online. But the thing to do is to buy only from the Lott or any of the Australian state official lottery website.

Many websites now a days claim to offer you buying options of lottery tickets from all over the country. Its better to avoid such websites as who knows about their legitimacy.

Also though there is no harm in buying online if there is no other option in your area. But many a times these websites go down or it’s possible your numbers may not be correctly registered. It’s always better to buy where have your purchases verified – a lottery store – to be extra sure. After all, you have millions riding on a set of numbers, so make sure every step of the process is verified.

4. Keep your ticket safe

Once you buy your tickets they have the potential to become extremely valuable. Make sure you have a safe place for them, that goes without saying.  You should treat every lottery ticket that you buy as a live ticket and be cautious of it. There are many real stories where people have lost many millions of dollars just because they were careless about their lottery ticket. Lottery ticket is a wealth till the draw is out and you have to keep it safe.

5. You buy lottery ticket from your lucky store

It is often seen that lottery players go to buy their lottery tickets from only that particular store where they feel will be lucky for them. But there is no such thing as to be lucky in place or time. Lottery is either a game of chance or with logical probability to be played with calculations. It is your own strategy to play the game that is more important than where you buy your tickets. So you can buy your lottery ticket from any store or with any retailer.

6. You buy less because you didn’t win the last game

This mistake is similar as number one mistake. Many players look on the lottery as a business. When they don’t win enough or spend too much, they buy fewer tickets for the next game. This is wrong. The best way to play consistently and to win is to spend the same amount each time regardless of whether you’ve only won a little. It’s important to be in every game and not to miss out if you really are keen to win something.

7. You buy at late time

Many people rush to buy lottery ticket very late. Means they buy very close to the deadline of the lottery draw.  A man who played lottery lost a $27 million jackpot. He had the right numbers and his ticket was correct in every detail except one… he bought it 7 seconds too late. So avoid buying lottery tickets too late. Check it out from the lottery’s website and make sure you play well within the cut off point. Even better, buy your tickets a few days ahead – you’ll never have to worry about missing that game.

8. Do not check the printed numbers in hurry

When you buy lottery ticket you should thoroughly check that numbers printed in the ticket are all readable and there is no duplicity anywhere. This is important for the Quick Pick tickets as there have been cases where the numbers were either not printed in sequence or serial numbers were duplicated.  You can lose if you did not check the ticket promptly before filling.

9. Read the rules carefully

You should buy a ticket and know the games rules to play. You should check whether legally you can play that lottery or not; what are the prizes and how they will be distributed and when. You should know every detail before playing

10. You do not have your lottery pool

Individual lottery tickets have less chance to win where as the lottery pools ticket has more chance to win and also save you money. Lottery pools are played in a group be it a family or team of friends or colleagues at office. You pay your share for the ticket and every on ethus buys tickets which are in bulk. The probability to win increases and in case of wins the prize amount is shared equally.

Therefore to play the lottery the above  things to do and not to do should be taken into consideration at all cost if you are serious in winning the lottery.

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