How Can You Create Your Own Lottery Syndicate?

Tatts lotto syndicate

Lottery syndicate is available at all of the Australian lottery states. A syndicate is a group of lottery players who share the cost of a Lotto ticket to play more games.

Playing more games increases the chance of winning.  If the syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among all the syndicate members.

Syndicates are available for Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball and Soccer Pools. You can also play Systems as part of a syndicate.

Playing more games increases the chance of winning.  If the syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among all the syndicate members.

Syndicates are available for Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball and Soccer Pools. You can also play Systems as part of a syndicate.

How can you be a part of lottery syndicate?

To be a part of lottery syndicate there are many ways to do it:

1. You can ask your lottery retailer

You can be part of a Syndicate through your Lotterywest retailer. Ask your retailer what syndicate shares they have available for the game you want to play. You will receive a share ticket and prizes can be claimed at any Lotterywest retailer using this ticket.

Also you can register your share ticket on the lottery state player’s card so that you don’t miss out on claiming your winnings.

2. You can create your own

Create your own syndicate with friends and family. Select the game and ticket option you would like to play and divide the total cost to determine the cost per syndicate member. Then, visit your Lotterywest retailer and fill out a playslip or ask for a qlikpik.

Your retailer can also help you choose what kind of tickets suit the budget your syndicate wants to spend.

The Syndicate Planner at the lottery sites makes keeping your records easy. Your retailer can create a player syndicate and print a valid share ticket for each syndicate member. Each member can then claim any prizes from any Lotterywest retailer using their own share ticket. Syndicates are a great way to try Systems – you’ll get more entries per game.

How can you create your own lottery syndicate?

Now that you are ready to create your own syndicate  you need to follow the steps below:

When you complete the steps take your entry in-store, scan the barcode and your Syndicate is in the draw. Every share receives its own ticket which can be claimed separately if your Syndicate wins a prize!

personalize your syndicate

At the lotto site enter your name and mention cost per share as well as number of shares in a lottery syndicate that you wish to create.

You can also keep track of your team to help manage your Syndicate, record the names of your team members and their number of shares.

Keep track of your team
Keep track of your team

Also mention the games you wish to play.

Choose the game you want to play
Choose the game you want to play

Now build your entry.

Build your entry
Build your entry
Syndicate game pick your entry
Game pick your entry

Once done remember its not a ticket so you need to enter your  Syndicate into the draw, head into your nearest NSW Lotteries outlet or any other Australian state lottery outlet and, scan the barcode below and complete payment with your friendly retailer.

You can also Print barcode or get through Email. This means you can take a copy of the barcode below to your nearest NSW Lotteries outlet. You can use your phone in-store, print out a copy, or lottery site can even email it to you.

Final entry
Syndicate bar code and entry

Provide the barcode to your friendly retailer to be scanned in-store along with your syndicate payment.

Once you’ve purchased your Syndicate you’ll receive a ticket for every share, which you can give to your Syndicate members. Each ticket will include your Syndicate Name so you feel more like a team! You could even track who has received their shares using lotto sites nifty little list.

The Mon & Wed Lotto draw can be seen on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST every Monday and Wednesday night. You could even watch it with the other members of your syndicate

You can even join somebody else’s syndicate

If you want you can join and be part of somebody else’s syndicate:

  • Always look for what games do other group oe team want to play before joining their lottery syndicate.  Also find the number of players in a group, how often they play and how many tickets they buy as well as what payment options are available. Do they pick numbers, or can you choose and the game and the Group Size that will play
  • Most people want to play a particular game. That’s fine, but don’t let it rule out other options.
  • It’s more important to get a decent balance between jackpot size and number of players in a group. Too few players and your odds aren’t improved much. Too many and your odds may be much better but the payout in the event you win might be too small.
  • This also comes down to how much you want to win.
  • You can choose a game with much better odds. Because bigger jackpot games are always harder to win. Remember, this doesn’t have to be the only game you play. So long as you stick to your sensible budget, you can play in a good, sensibly balanced syndicate – and still buy the odd ticket yourself in the crazy jackpot games too.
  • This all adds up to fun factor and your chances of winning.

If a group only plays when the jackpot is a certain size, that may help balance the group well. But if it means only playing every month or two, does that ruin the fun for you? Would you prefer to play every week?

It’s quite common for the setup to simply be ‘each player funds 1 ticket’. But that’s definitely not always the case. There could be 50 players buying 200 tickets, or 40 players buying 20 – whatever the syndicate manager has decided they think is best.

Obviously the number of tickets bought overall, together with the number of players buying them and how often they are bought determines how much it will cost you to play. Syndicates rarely fund many hundreds of tickets simply because it’s too expensive for most people to do on a regular basis.

Some syndicates ask you to submit your own numbers (typically for those groups where each player funds a set number of tickets). Others may not offer that option, which some people feel quite strongly about.

Groups that pick their own numbers may do so for a reason. Or in some cases they may believe they can pick better numbers than you.

Note that running a syndicate is not easy. So plan carefully before creating one for  yourself.

How to find if your lottery syndicate has won the prize?

Lottery syndicate winner
Lottery syndicate Powerball winners

There are many ways you can find out if your syndicate has won a prize.

Scan the barcode on your share ticket at a retailer using the ticket checker.

Check the draw results, watch the draw on Channel 7 or read The West Australian.

Register for the draw results email

In WA you can call 1900 919 958. Calls cost 44 cents per minute including GST plus a 15 cent connection fee. Mobiles and pay phones cost extra.

Keep in mind you will need your share ticket to claim any winnings so keep it in a safe place. Depending on the prize value, you can claim a prize won on a share ticket from any retailer.

You can also register your tickets on your Lotterywest Player’s Card. If you don’t already have a Lotterywest Player’s Card, ask your retailer how you can register for one.

Finally when you play lottery games you agree to be bound by the rules governing the games.  There are specific rules for syndicates.

All syndicates sold through Lotterywest terminals need at least five shares at a minimum cost of $5 each. This means all syndicates have a minimum total cost of $25.Good luck!

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