How Can I Increase My Chances at Winning Powerball? Here are 5 Tips to Increase your Chances

Playing the Powerball lottery can be a challenging since it’s up to you how you perceive this game. It’s either you think of Powerball as another lottery game that will depend on luck to win, or a game where you can actually use your analytical skills and little patience to score big. Here are some Powerball tips.

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Every game shouldn’t depend on luck, there’s level of strategy required before you opt to play any game. If you’re one of those lottery fans who keeps on buying Powerball tickets who depend on pure luck to win, then you are just wasting your cash on those tickets. You need to have a gameplan even if it just requires you to pick numbers and prepare number combinations.

Here are 5 useful tips to improve your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot:

1.)  Play Consistently

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Make sure you buy tickets on a regular basis so you’re aware what numbers are frequently drawn. This will allow you to create a timetable where you can determine the “hot numbers” that usually show up during a draw. The great thing about Powerball is that your number sets are checked and you can be easily notified once you win a prize.

Don’t always expect to win the jackpot prize, but subscribe or get a multi-draw package so you can join every single draw. You might not win the grand jackpot but small wins can turn into a big prize. Sometimes the total prize money of small winnings is higher than the jackpot prize.

2.) Be Flexible with Number Combinations

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Choosing 5 different numbers or 5 different number combinations seems to be a logical choice to increase chances of winning the Powerball jackpot prize. There are 69 numbers but people tend to pick numbers below 32, why? Most of them use significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries to create their personal number sets.

This limits your chances of creating more number set options, the best way to do this is to combine hot numbers and significant dates in order to have multiple number sets for every draw. Spreading your personal numbers and hot numbers will increase your chances of winning cash prizes.

3.) Try QuickPick for your Extra Number Sets

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Knowing hot numbers and cold numbers is one way to create better number combinations. Statistics show that numbers such as 41, 26, 21, and 16 have better winning percentages when trying the QuickPick. Previous Powerball winners also tried QuickPick numbers once in awhile to win the jackpot prize. Give the QuickPick a try when you ran out of number set and combinations.

4.) Buy Tickets within your Budget

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Chances of winning could increase by buying a hundred tickets but this isn’t the case for Powerball. While you have the opportunity to have multiple number sets by buying tickets, the probability of winning remains the same. The key here is to stick to your budget, buy not more than 10 tickets, and study your number set combinations.

5.) Consider Multiplier Options

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Consistently playing your personal set numbers will allow you to omit other sets and determine which number combinations usually appear during Powerball draws. It will make your chances of winning slimmer in terms of number sets, but it’s an opportunity to use a multiplier like the Power Play option to increase your prize.

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