Can I Win the Powerball Jackpot by Using the Number Wheeling Method?

People would always tend to think that winning the Powerball depends on pure luck. Just imagine betting with a set of 5 numbers against millions of bettors who have multiple number sets. Is Number Wheeling the solution to find out that winning jackpot number?

Powerball Number Balls

It’s one of those notions that people will most likely apply a “leave it to chance” mindset when it comes to winning the Powerball. The interesting fact is that previous Powerball winners claim that they managed to win multiple times without any luck at all. How is this even possible? Are these Powerball winners luckier than other bettors?

Seriously, people who purchase a Powerball ticket will just pick significant dates then depend on luck to win a prize. Some bettors would just hope to win consolation prizes since they think winning the jackpot prize is a longshot. The difference between an ordinary bettor and a previous Powerball winner is how they approach the numbers game.

Ordinary people will bet using number sets which include significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries; whereas, previous winners have stepped up their game by applying the probability method. The probability method has helped them manage to win small consolation prizes which have a higher combined cash prize than the jackpot prize. So how does the probability method works?

What is the Science of the Probability Method?

It’s a known fact that people who buy Powerball tickets have one thing in common – win the jackpot. These people will even buy multiple tickets so they can increase their chances of winning the grand prize money. Previous Powerball winners have won tons of cash without even aiming to win the jackpot prize, sounds pretty weird, right? Powerball “experts” will bet on Pick 3 or Pick 6.

Ordinary people would just get a Powerball $3million jackpot prize, but a Powerball winner will prefer winning 100 prizes each worth $300,000 by spreading out their number sets and betting on different games. Let’s do the math – 30 smaller wins will give you $30 million. Not bad even if you shared that cash prize with other winners, right? So how do frequent winners do it?

Lottery experts use an approach called number wheeling. It helps Powerball bettors to determine the most effective number sets and combinations. While it won’t make you an instant millionaire by predicting the winning numbers, number wheeling will guide you in betting the right numbers in a more systematic way rather than randomly choosing numbers.

This simple mathematical approach to probability has transformed Powerball bettors into millionaires without winning the grand jackpot prize, but through a strategic method in winning multiple small cash prizes.

How Effective is Number Wheeling?

Manage your expectations when using the number wheeling method, it will show you decent number combinations but it doesn’t mean you’ll be an overnight millionaire. It requires patience and sound understanding of how the number wheeling method will increase the probability of small wins for a bigger cash prize.


Number wheeling will still give you slim chances in winning the jackpot prize, but it won’t hurt if you win multiple small cash prizes that are close to or even bigger than the actual jackpot prize. Always keep in mind to spread your numbers into multiple sets which will make a dynamic set of numbers. Spreading your numbers will increase your chances of winning. It’s a simple approach where the idea is to win small prizes to receive a bigger jackpot prize.

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